metro of dreams

Employed in a ‘Metro’ of Dreams?

I come home after travelling for 2 hours, have my dinner, call my parents, scroll through the internet, and doze off to wake up at 7 every day to reach office by 9 A.M. to avoid a salary cut.
My Parents spent lakhs to make me an engineer after working hard for years than I do today.
~ Employed in a Metro City

Life at Night
Night Life in a Metro

Credits: Instagram Rajesh Pal

Dreams as a kid to be “Engineers of the Nation” and take my country to heights, Dreams to be among the top personalities of the decade who transformed the stereotype thinking and brought technological advancements and Dreams to be a learned, wise person with notions that are logically backed and opinions that truly matter no longer hold true when we all have grown up to that age. Nights spend reading text books, solving maths, digesting mammoth syllabus and mugging what could just help us get a degree are all done and when we look back what stays is how well we have adjusted in every situation because that’s what we continue to do and may be if not thought wisely will keep doing in years to come by.

A typical day has 8-10 hours of shift at office, added to that is 2 hours of travelling on an average, getting set to be there on time takes an hour at least making it close to 14 hours a day. Sleeping for 6 hours only has become a trend which leaves with 3-4 hours as the only time we keep scrolling for information over the web marketed smartly and stuffed with falsehood and self-gains. Creative thinkers may manage to pull off some time to work around and make some wise use of this time but majority, dozes off to get set for another day. Weeks, Months and Years pass by and we do become passionate about the bit of work we have been doing for years, since that’s the only way one can progress and earn a living out of it. No, that’s not bad! But what has been lost in this race to struggle and make a way by true means is the time, commitment, and energy we have within us in the early years of life which can change at least our Own Path of Life.

Let’s decide to Walk down the lone streets under those lights on a trip next time to a new place, Walk across the beach alone for minutes alone, Travel some parts of the journey with just You being by Your side or take a break from everything you do daily and spend an hour or two assessing is it worth the effort you have put in for years?
Is it fair to give up on one dream after other, one aspiration over the next and compromising, thinking ‘Life must be adjusted as things come along’. Don’t do this for anyone else. Let us do this for ourselves. Selfish? Can you not be for an hour? How long has it been when someone walked up to you and asked, “What do YOU, want to do next?”. Think and comment your thoughts.

Rajesh Pal


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