India Gate

The Humans of India Gate – We Need To Know About

Please buy this rose and gift it to your friend;
She will be happy!

Said a 10 year old kid at India Gate, New Delhi!

But I am not with her, you got it wrong;
Still I will buy it for your smile!

I promptly replied!

Not a very uncommon incident for anyone in India, when you visit crowded heritage places amidst people approaching you to click photographs with the monument, buy some roses or eat hand made snacks specially for you! No they do not demand sympathy, since they have had it enough during their journey from seeing dreams, watching them break down and silently accepting the facts of life to continue living the way life wants them to. To satisfy our minds about contributing to the bit of relief fund for them, we all do make a move to buy things from them even if we do not intent to consume them at times. No wonder, we feel a bit better and why not, atleast you made a move.

We all in some way or the other contribute to making lives better. Some concentrate on their own, few spend a little time/money for others as well and legendry are those who make it a mission for their lifetime giving up everything else. We know them and talking about them will only add to the recognition they already pursue. What needs to be talked about is, those who have never given a thought to this ‘making lives better’ concept; can they come forward?

We all in some way or the other need to step up and open up to the hands seeking help. Not money can do everything. Most NGO’s or rather people helping to make lives easier face challenge to find shoulders to rely on rather than raising just funds. So, if not money, we all must make sure to contribute time, thoughts and noble ideas in initiatives which have a longterm impact.

What if you do not have a working body working for such a cause near you? Begin one today, just takes a step to start because there are many hands waiting for you to come and hold them!


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