That Girl by The Roadside - Rajesh Pal

That Girl by The Roadside

I Watch people Go and Come from here, having finished their everyday jobs. Faces change, some are tired, others exhausted but some are full of Energy! I love the last category of people.
That Girl by The Roadside

Girl By The Road
Credits: Instagram Rajesh Pal

Amidst our busy schedule and run for money, passion, and success we do meet these lovely kids by the roads, though sometimes we find them IRRITATING. Left out to live this way or behind the scenes there is a big business running around, is yet to figured out but what provokes the most is the very idea of living one day like these children do.

As a child, imagining a day without going to school, doing no homework, no play at the gardens, no lunch packed in aluminium foils and a sleep under not so secure sheds. As a working professional, no hassle to sign in on time, no working under equipped technology to make India a super power, no worrying about taking leaves on next Diwali and nothing to worry about month ends. As a student aspiring to get into best colleges, no worrying about weekend tests, no pressure of proving that you are better than your friends and foes, no thoughts of having latest gadgets by your side and no sign of WhatsApp messages going unseen by you crush.

The rants might sound interesting but when you imagine a day out there on the streets. The whole day in the scorching sun and the wild rains. Amidst the fumes of ‘unleaded petrol’ walking bare footed on ‘smooth roads’. Waving hands all day, selling pens and handing over the money to the ‘Master’. Counting the coins, learning maths to not buy the favourite food but to save yourself from getting beaten again. Shivers run down thinking. Unfair is the world theory comes into the heart. Thinking how many people can we help in one day leads to ‘Please leave, we don’t have money’. Hard hitting are such situations, but watching them from the other side has become so frequent that we are now “Used to” them.

We may not be able to help every single one out there,
But let’s ensure to atleast drop by once in life and speak to them saying
Don’t worry, things will be fine one day. If not atleast better.
And that smile you get back, will help you forget your worries to the least.

Rajesh Pal


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