Why do we travel

Why do we travel?

Going back there to the start in the ages, years before. Why did we travel back then? Well, our ancestors lived in those closed niches for a while, repetitive exhaustion of resources make them search for new places to land into and they traveled. They traveled for a living, they traveled for food, they traveled for the favorable climate.

As we progressed we eventually got ourselves the best resources available in a place. Yes, we called it a success and a step ahead from our ancestors. We got a stable life. What it meant for us then is a living where all our requirements are settled living in a single region. Working, living, feeding ourselves and our families with all the resources we arranged there. And what eventually we did there, we still don’t know consciously. The living slowly turned into monotony. It’s like humans were made to search new trails, explore and live but now they are stuck at those closed chambers of their own turning their life one day at a time.

Traveling has no more a necessity but it has become an optional choice to rejoice.

You know what, a repetitive cycle of living in the same place, doing the same sets of work, and meeting the same group of people, getting acquainted with the same set if thoughts and growing old is making humans sick. One need to change one’s surrounding partially if not as a whole. We need a place to exert our physical stamina, a place to soothe our eyes, a place to let go our mental concussion building from years, a place to meet new people and develop newer perspectives, a place to do something new and refreshing, a place to breathe in new air which is not stale, a place to be our own self. You know, traveling gives it all.

It is a necessity to put your step aside from the desired path and start a walk in an unknown land. Known places get mundane with time and so do we. So, people buckle up your shoes, if you haven’t for a while. Set aside your stable settled life and start a journey.

A journey to the mountains, a journey to the open lands, a journey through the trails aside the river, a journey to a place where devotion is not a hassle, a journey where you can hear yourself out, a journey where you can speak not to be judged, a journey where you can laugh and cry on your fears, a journey for which you are waiting for years!


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