What to Choose – Planning Vs Spontaneity in Life

The world always seems to be creating a divide between those who choose planning and those who choose spontaneity. But is there really that much of a difference between the two which can ignite a decision for a clear distinction to be made? I don’t think so.

During my one month Internship this Summer in Udaipur, it’s one of my own personal learning that spontaneity and planning go hand-in-hand. One can’t exist without the other.

Because I worked for a significant time period with a local school in Udaipur, everyday, me and the other interns were required to prepare session plans for the next day which was to be held with the kids. But also, most of those days, our session plans wouldn’t go as planned because we were working with humans, that too little ones.

What I mean to say is that it would never go as planned because our plannings were based on our predictions and humans and predictions do not go well together. We would change our session plans on the spot based upon the instructions given to us by the teachers of those students and of course, the mood of the students. The organisation with which I interned, did not believe in the typical classroom structure of teaching students which usually doesn’t consider the response of the students in the classroom and fortunately, nor did I, so my work got simplified.

Planning always requires some background knowledge which we got from our previous sessions but then again, spontaneity came into play when we would need to adapt to the responses which we would receive during our sessions. So, it required for us to keep a very conscious and flexible balance between the two. The moment we would turn to being rigid towards our plans, we would lose our students and the moment we would turn rigid towards spontaneity, we would ignite chaos in the classroom.

Planning on one hand was necessary because of the time constraint and spontaneity would become significant in the execution of those plans.

So, learning from my own experiences, I learned that it is never about Planning Vs Spontaneity, rather about Planning in Spontaneity  and Spontaneity in Planning. Any work requires a very conscious awareness to maintain a correct balance between the two because truly, one can’t exist without the other.

Arnojya Shree
A learner of literature with alongside stumbling over the expression of emotions. An amateur photographer, who muses over the soulful.


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