What if we can go back to the age when things were about favors and not money - Preeti Vyas

What if we can go back to the age when things were about favors and not money?

Over the years as man is progressing, the term money has become instrumental to every decision he is taking in life.

Often, while doing any small thing, the very first thing that comes to our mind is – How much will it cost? How much do we need to pay it? How am I going to manage it monetarily in future if I do this now? Let it be learning, playing, enjoying vacations, travelling, eating, having fun around in an ambient location, exercising, and so on – It comes with tags ‘Money matters, bro!’ ‘Oh, I need to save!’ ‘How can I earn more so that I can do that?’ ‘When will I be that rich that everything will be as easy as stepping into something?’

As we are proceeding we have forgotten, that when it all started we were the masters who decided to use such currency and denominations as money for our convenience of living. But now, here, the money is all over us, ruling us as if are baboons, dancing on its beats!

Corruption, Forgery, Scams, Scandals – well what do you think they are? – They are elements of the blind performances that money is making us do.

Well, what if we trace back into the time when it’s all about the favors? Exchanging goods and services, and keeping a way of dealing with things which are not unfair as it is now. What if we travel back the times where it’s all about exchanging, sharing and living peacefully?

If I want to learn any art of the era, I will go to a family practicing it for long. I will help them in their chores, assist them in their daily work and on my way back I will be walking having learned it all in real form. If I want to travel to some place far away from my homeland. I will carry some local goods with me. I will offer them to those in need and will ask about how to proceed my journey into a foreign land. Or, I will teach them some of my skills and they will teach them theirs. Ain’t life be fun then?

We can try to jump off the stage where money rules, and can make our own small world of favors!

I still wonder if we take back the system here now. Will it work? We have institutionalized this world so badly that works and favors in raw form have lost in between. Even if we try we cannot bring the era back. But you know what we can do rather. Try to stop that master which is ruling over our mind. It has always been about the favors, never been about the money, although it has been crafted that way now. But we can still try.

About the Author-

Preeti Vyas

A dreamer by heart, an artist by soul, a roboticist by passion
Undergraduate from NIT Bhopal


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