How to travel and still be safe during summers

How to travel and still be safe during summers?

Summers ain’t a good time to stick to your closed chambers and get the best comfort in your AC halls. Beating the heat by spending lazy afternoons in bed and hot windy evenings in front of your TV and laptop screens. But stop right there! Do these things have any correlation with the traveler hiding under you?

No. We cannot betray our traveling spree by just lying dormant tamed by the harsh sun waiting outside our comfort zones. So, how can we beat the heat and tackle the evil weather?

Here is a way out!


Mountains are your best buddies. Reach out to them.

Hand pick some of the locations nearby and plan a getaway. Don’t accept any excuses from the gang and travel. If they didn’t tag along then travel alone. Sole trips often open a portal to your inner self and kindle a new vigor in your lives.


If not far, reach out to the nearby water bodies

The areas surrounded by water bodies are often a relief in these harsh summer days. Traveling hours may drench you but soothing country music may please you when you drive. Pick your activity place in a shade nearby lakes, dams, and beaches and enjoy the winds.


Always be ready with your Summer Gears

Your summer gear bag is an essential thing that you should have. Deliberately manage out the contents in the same. A pair of aviators to pull in some swag, a funky summer cap to chill them out, a summer coat to prevent the layered tans, summer socks to avoid those multiple tan lines in your feet, frozen bottles of fruit drinks to have unaltered supplies of chilled beverages, a small ice pack to keep your food fresh for a long time, big water bottles to keep yourself hydrated and light-colored apparel to get away with the summer heat.

Keep yourself hydrated

If you are traveling by road don’t forget to take small halts at places to grab a cold beverage. Drink lots of water. If you’re a fitness freak always opt for fresh drinks with fewer sugar contents. Always have food in the locations you trust. Hastiness in eating at random locations may affect your bowel movements in summer. So always pick your food consciously.

Choose your traveling locations wisely

Choose those locations where you can reflect the heat though nature’s sheet. Humid beaches in the South, those rock temples, fort areas, city lines with less vegetation may dull your mood rather than cheering it up. So always give a forethought before reviving your engines up.

I know you all must be having a number of plans building up in your mind, so gear up and travel!

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